Integration Strategy

Does your system integration give you nightmare?

Developing an integration strategy will give you a good nights sleep

Using the proven 4 step process from Collaboration Focus, we will develop a concise integration strategy that will:

  • Document your current integration infrastructure, integration points and challenges
  • Identify future integration options with respect to requirements, management and costs
  • Develop a road map to a future integration platform that is stable, manageable and affordable

Integration Strategy in Four Steps

1Integration Current State Workshop:
* Key business processes supported by systems integration
* Applications used: internal, external
* Integration points
– Current
– Future
* Middleware application/s
* Review current issues
– By integration point
– Managing each integration point
Key Users
2Interview individuals who manage/own/control current
integration points:

* Understand details of the integration point
* Issues experienced by the user/s and impact on the business process
* Improvement options
Key Users
3Develop Documentation:
* Topologies
* Integration Point Inventory
* Middleware Software Options Lists
* Integration Strategy
4Presentation to Management & IT IT

Project Duration

Developing a technology strategy takes 2-3 weeks.